The Bozo Loop by Rachel Kroll

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Take a trip into the world of systems administration, programming, networking, tech support, and living in Silicon Valley. The Bozo Loop is a collection of stories from 2011 which expose the inner workings of things some people would rather keep quiet.

Inside, you can find out what it's like to be a woman working at one of the tech sector's darling companies, and when marketing doesn't match reality. See the side-effects of bean-counters arriving and starting to squeeze the life out of a formerly-vibrant engineering culture.

You're along for the ride as bad user interfaces are called out and ripped apart piece by piece. You can also see what happens when technicians mutiny and the true meaning of "Project Darkness" and "Umbrellagate", including pictures!

There are also tales of troubleshooting crazy problems for web hosting customers and rigging truly evil hacks to keep badly-designed systems running. Finally, you can learn about newer projects like the Super Trunking Scanner, and what it takes to build a system that nobody has ever tried before.

Hosers, ramrods and bozos alike, beware!

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Beware the Bozo Loop!

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